Website Terms of Use

This Website (; this "Website") is operated by General Incorporated Association JBA TIBOR Administration ("JBATA" or "we"). Before using this Website, users (each, a "User") must read and accept the following terms of use and cautionary notes (collectively, these "Terms") and use this Website at their own liability.

Information Posted on This Website and Limitations on Liability, Etc.

  • ・While we pay close attention to the information posted on this Website, we do not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the posted information.
  • ・The information concerning future events and activities posted on this Website contains a certain degree of uncertainty and may differ from reality due to changes in the environment surrounding the future economy and other factors.
  • ・The content of any information posted on this Website is subject to modification and such information may be suspended or discontinued for posting, without prior notice.
  • ・JBATA shall bear no liability whatsoever for any trouble, loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from any information posted on this Website, any change in the content of the posted information or suspension or discontinuation of posting, unless there is willful intention or negligence on the part of JBATA; provided, however, that, in the case where there is negligence on the part of JBATA, if such negligence does not constitute gross negligence, the cap of compensatory damages payable by JBATA shall be JPY 5,000.
  • ・External linked websites listed on this Website are not operated by JBATA and are instead operated under the liability of the operators of such websites. Accordingly, when using such websites or any information thereon, please use the same at the User's own liability pursuant to the rules set forth by the operators of the relevant website. JBATA bears no liability whatsoever for any trouble, loss or damage arising from the use of such websites or any information thereon.


All copyrights and other rights pertaining to any of the content posted on this Website (e.g., information, trademarks and designs) belong to JBATA or relevant third parties. JBATA hereby prohibits any use (e.g., reprinting, citation, reproduction and alteration) of the content of this Website beyond the scope of "private use" or "quotation" without the prior permission of JBATA in writing or other form.

Governing Law and Court of Jurisdiction

Unless otherwise stipulated, any use of this Website and any interpretation and application of these Terms shall be governed by the laws of Japan. In addition, unless otherwise stipulated, the Tokyo District Court shall have the exclusive agreed-upon jurisdiction in the first instance for any disputes in relation to the use of this Website.

Link Settings and Prohibited Matters

1.Setting links to this Website from other websites

All of the following matters must be observed when setting a link to this Website. Even if any dispute arises between a User and a third party as a result of setting a link to this Website, the website from which the link originates will bear any liability therefor. Accordingly, JBATA will not bear any obligation or liability in any way whatsoever, such as providing compensation for any damage in relation to such dispute.

  • (1)JBATA's title design and other logos and designs to which JBATA owns rights may not be used as link buttons, etc. on the website of the link source.
  • (2)It is prohibited to display the content of this Website within the frame of the website of the link source as this may mislead Users about the operating body or information source.
  • (3)Links to this Website are only allowed for the convenience of Users. Therefore, we do not allow any links from websites such as those specified below:
  • [Websites for which link setting is prohibited]
  • ・Websites containing any content created with the intention to defame or slander or damage the credibility of JBATA or other third parties;
  • ・Websites created with the intent to infringe upon intellectual property rights, such as copyrights and trademarks, and other rights of JBATA and third parties;
  • ・Websites whose links are set to this Website for commercial purposes, as deemed by JBATA; and
  • ・Other websites that JBATA deems inappropriate

2.Prohibited matters

Unless prior approval is obtained from JBATA, Users are strictly prohibited from engaging in any act of using the title design and other logos and designs to which JBATA owns rights, any act of indicating, contrary to the facts, as if a User is granted a license from JBATA, sponsored by JBATA or affiliated with JBATA, or any other acts as separately designated by JBATA.


Any personal information will be managed in accordance with the Privacy Policy. Please see below for details. Privacy Policy

Handling of Violations

JBATA retains the right to take legal action (e.g., a demand for compensatory damages and/or injunctive relief) against the actions of a User who fails to comply with these Terms. If, upon using this Website, a User causes any damage to JBATA due to any reason attributable to the User, such User must provide compensation for such damage (including, without limitation, attorneys' fees actually incurred).

Revision and Modification of These Terms

  • ・When JBATA intends to modify these Terms, it will indicate the content to be modified and the effective date thereof in advance, and thereafter publicize that these Terms will be modified by posting to such effect on this Website or using other appropriate means. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if JBATA deems it necessary based on reasonable grounds, JBATA may, at any time, modify any provision of these Terms or add a new provision to these Terms, without providing prior notice to the Users.
  • ・If a User continues to use this Website after modification of these Terms, such User shall be deemed to have agreed to these Terms after modification or addition. When using this Website, please see the latest version of these Terms from time to time.