Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

In conducting the JBA TIBOR operation, JBA TIBOR Administration ("JBATA") will ensure appropriate protection and use of personal information in accordance with the following policies.

1. Acquisition, Use, and Disclosure

  • (1) JBATA will obtain personal information to the extent necessary for its operational purposes in an appropriate and legitimate means.Further, JBATA will not obtain, use, or disclose to any third party, sensitive information except as otherwise required by the law and when other exceptions apply.
  • (2) In handling personal information, JBATA will specify the purpose of use wherever possible.
  • (3) JBATA will not handle personal information beyond the specified purpose without prior consent from the concerned personnel or unless otherwise required by law.
  • (4) In disclosing personal data to a third party, JBATA will obtain consent from the concerned personnel in advance, except as otherwise required by the law.

2. Source of Personal Information

JBATA will obtain personal information of the JBA TIBOR users from the information sources including but not limited to:

(Example of Information Sources)

  • ・Information directly provided to JBATA through documents completed and submitted by JBA TIBOR users for requesting JBATA to deliver various journals or to address inquiries and complaints;
  • ・Personal data of employees of members, related financial institutions, and third parties, such as counterparties, provided to JBATA in order to facilitate communication.

3. Publication of Purpose of Use

When JBATA has obtained personal information, it will, in a proper and prompt manner, notify or publicize the purpose of use unless such purpose is announced beforehand.(For details, please see "Purpose for Use of Personal Information".)

4. Request of Disclosure

  • (1) When JBATA is requested to disclose personal data by the relevant personnel, disclosure will be made to the relevant personnel unless there are concerns the disclosure may significantly affect JBATA's appropriate administration of operations.
  • (2) When JBATA is requested to correct, add or delete the contents of the personal data from the relevant personnel ( "Correction,"), it will carry out investigation to the extent necessary to meet the objectives of the use, and arrange the Correction as appropriate according to the investigation result.
  • (3) When JBATA is requested to suspend use of or delete personal data, or suspend disclosure of personal data to a third party ("Suspension,"), from the relevant personnel, it will arrange the Suspension, if such request is considered to be determined with justifiable reason.
  • (4) For detailed procedure, please see "Procedure of Request for Disclosure of Personal Data".

5. Safeguarding of Personal Information

In order to prevent leakage, loss or destruction of, and to safeguard personal information, JBATA will establish and implement necessary and appropriate measures in accordance with the "Guideline for Practical Affairs Regarding Safety Control Measures Specified in the Guideline on the Protection of Personal Information in the Financial Sector" issued by the Financial Services Agency in Japan ( "JFSA") and other related laws and regulations.

6. Compliance with Relevant Laws and Regulations

In handling personal information, including safety control measures, JBATA will comply with relevant laws and regulations, such as the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, as well as the Guideline for Personal Information Protection in the Financial Field issued by JFSA and other related guidelines.

7. Implementation of education and training

JBATA will periodically provide its officers and employees with appropriate education and training to ensure the safeguarding of personal information.

8. Implementation of inspection and audit

JBATA will inspect and audit the handling of personal information periodically and as necessary.

9. Addressing Incidents Including Leakage

In the event of an accidental leakage of personal information, JBATA will implement necessary measures, including reporting to the supervisory authorities, publication of the fact and measures for preventing recurrence of the incident, and notification to the concerned personnel whose information was compromised.

10. Efforts for Continuous Improvements

JBATA will implement as-needed reviews to continuously improve the handling of personal information including safety control measures.

11. Contact for Questions regarding Personal Information

JBATA will promptly respond to and address any inquiries, comments, requests, consultation and complaints regarding the handling of personal information.

03- 6262-6788
Monday to Friday (excluding holidays and bank holidays)
9:00 a.m. to 11:20 a.m., 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. (JST)

April 1, 2014
Ippan Shadan Hojin JBA TIBOR Administration
Akihiro WANI, Representative Director and Chairman

Purpose of Using Personal Information

In relation to its operations, JBATA will use personal information of the JBA TIBOR users in order to:

  • (1) Receive, address, record and retain consultation, inquiries, comments or complaints from the JBA TIBOR users;
  • (2) Notify reference banks and request reference banks to address such complaints from JBA TIBOR users, consider a revision of the operation according to such complaints, put other institutions on those complaints;
  • (3) Implement necessary measures which require reference banks to comply with the JBA TIBOR Code of Conduct issued by JBATA;
  • (4) Provide reference banks with relevant information which ensures proper operation of JBA TIBOR;
  • (5) Implement training which ensures proper operation of JBA TIBOR;
  • (6) Convene committees and other meetings, deliver committee/meeting materials and disseminate committee/meeting information;
  • (7) Conduct survey and research for appropriate operation of JBA TIBOR;
  • (8) Process necessary transactions with concerned counterparties; and
  • (9) Notify various information deemed necessary for the operation of JBA TIBOR not included in the aforementioned items.

JBATA will not use personal information obtained through its operation for purposes outside of its operations.

Procedures for Requesting Disclosure of Personal Data

The procedures for requesting disclosure of personal information, correction, addition or deletion of its contents, deletion or termination of use of personal information, suspension of disclosure to a third party, or requesting notification of the purpose of disclosing personal data ( "Disclosure") are as described below:

1. Scope of the Disclosure

Personal data of the relevant personnel requesting the Disclosure., such as name, address and phone number

2. Procedures for Requesting the Disclosure

  • A. Please send by mail: (to be enclosed)
    a. Copy of your identity verification document
    b. Completed application form prescribed by JBATA
    (Please affix registered seal to this application)
    c. Registration certificate (original) of the seal affixed to the application
    d. Disclosure request fees (please send exact change via registered mail).
  • B. Result
    The result will be directly sent via delivery-certified mail to the relevant personnel requesting the Disclosure.
  • C. Fees
    JPY844 per one request (Disclosure request charge: JPY400 (excluding tax) (JPY440 including tax), Postage: JPY404))
  • D. Mailing address
    JBA TIBOR Administration
    6-1, Otemachi 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004

(This English translation is provided exclusively as a convenience. Any questions that may arise in interpretation of words and provisions of these policies shall be interpreted in accordance with the Japanese original.)